Personalised Prescribing

Personalised Prescribing

You are what you are!   You are a combination of what you have inherited, what you have learnt to survive and everything else you have picked up along the way.

The way you react to your surroundings, both physically and emotionally is what makes you individual.  Even your closest sibling will be different to you, they will react differently and they will be susceptible to the environment in a different way than you are.  You are UNIQUE!

The energy that you carry is a particular one, the history that you hold is your own.  Your responses, your interactions and your perceptions will guide you down your own path.

Sometimes there are responses and reactions that are not useful to you, they may be holding you back, they may be steering you to relationships that are not good for you, they may be causing you anxiety.  Sometimes it may be appropriate to look at these responses and work out a more appropriate response that would be better for you.

When working with a homeopath, they will ask many questions that help create a picture of who you are and how you react. Your emotional response of years ago may have led to current physical problems.  By finding out about your natural responses, a homeopath will work with you to address the cause of the issues now presenting.

Constitutional remedies look at the whole of you.  They match your energy field and they help strengthen weaknesses and modify excesses.  They help optimise your health in every way.

I asked a client how she felt after her first constitutional remedy:

“I do feel different, I am not over thinking things.  My brain doesn’t seem as foggy as it did before, I am not so worried about things, of course I still care about what people think but I am not worrying about it.  I guess I am more calm, more comfortable, more peaceful even.  I have been more positive about things, not so concerned about what might happen, a lot more settled in the here and now”.

I asked when these changes occurred.

“Well not straight away I don’t think, it happened gradually, in fact I didn’t really notice anything happening, but then I realised that I wasn’t worrying, it just came back to me how much I had been worrying about things before I came to see you.  I realised I felt stronger, more able to put my case across, just silly things, usually I would feel I had to organise everyone else, now I realise they are perfectly capable of sorting some of the things themselves”.

I asked if she had noticed any other changes.

“Yes, now I have more energy I have been able to up my exercise, because I am able to exercise now, I am sleeping much better, I have even started to dream again, that is quite a difference.  And what happened to my guilt?  Usually I would feel so guilty if I hadn’t done everything that people asked of me, if there were dishes left in the sink, if I hadn’t achieved everything I had planned, or organised everything for the family, 3 months ago I would have felt so guilty, I can still be responsible but I realise I don’t have to carry guilt around the whole time.   I even said no to a couple of of things.  This is huge, I am able to put my family and our needs before those of other peoples requests.  What really surprised me that everyone was ok with it.  When I was asked to do an extra duty and I said no, they said fine, I was amazed!   I had always thought I would be letting people down, now I realise this just isn’t true.   I feel so much lighter”.     HV  October 16

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