The Link Between Chronic Fatigue and Glandular Fever

The Link Between Chronic Fatigue & Glandular Fever
Kay (I have changed her name for the purpose of this case study) had been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue 4 or 5 years before coming to see me.  Everything was a struggle.  Life had no joy. Kay was just managing to hold down her job, but her family was suffering.  Life was exhausting.  Working part time and having 2 young children was taking up every ounce of energy Kay could find.  She felt there was nothing left in her pot ... and it was getting worse.

Because Kay had no spare energy, she was finding that she was seeing less of her extended family and friends.  She was becoming overwhelmed by the demands of life and was having trouble making decisions, sleeping or having enough energy to to anything other than survive.

In Kay's first consultation she explained her current symptoms to me and any other symptoms she had experienced over the last few years.  I asked for her full medical history including her childhood illnesses.  I asked for her family medical history and I asked about her childhood years and I asked lots of other questions to get an understanding of what made Kay, Kay.  What made her the unique person she is.

I also asked if she had had Glandular Fever.  I often find that people suffering from unexplained tiredness have often had either Glandular Fever or a similar virus which affected their energy levels at the time.  Kay confirmed she had had glandular fever and had had quite a few weeks off school with it.

After consideration of all of the information I had, I chose a remedy which is really useful at clearing Glandular Fever, even many years after it was diagnosed.

Within a month of her first prescription, Kay said she was feeling very different.  Her brain seemed less woolly, she had began to smile, work had became easier.  Kay realised that she had been able to take more of an active role with the family and even had enough resources to feel able to help her mother with some jobs she needed doing.   She was able to go on holiday, not only with her family but also with another family,

"I know that would have been practically impossible before".

Making decisions became easier and Kay was able to take up jogging again. Kay was amazed that she could feel so different in such a short space of time. Kay had two more doses of the same remedy and six months later is still feeling really well.


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