Homeopathy Relieves Chronic Muscle Pain

Homeopathy Relieves Chronic Muscle Pain

Unexplained muscle pain is one of the frustrating symptoms of chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. It can be totally debilitating and is definitely one of the hardest things to explain to other people who find it hard to believe that you can be in pain most of the time.

The pain may be variable in both location and intensity as well as how the pain is experienced.  When looking for a homeopathic remedy we are looking for the precise feelings and experience of the pain, the intensity, the location, the times of day when they are better or worse and what you can do to make them better, ie/ hot baths, does pressure help, does lying on the affected side make it better or worse, does a cold compress help?

If you have chronic fatigue then much of your energy is probably being spent dealing with inflammation and other healing demands.  If energy requirements exceed available energy levels the first thing that suffers are your muscle cells. These need energy to repair after any physical activity.  In an ideal world, a rest or a sleep would help regenerate the energy required and your muscles and joints will stop hurting.  However when you have an energy depleting disease, inflammation or are suffering from hormonal imbalances or are still suffering from the effects of previous viral infections (which may have occurred many years previously). Your body will be struggling to repair with the available resources.  What is more you may be finding sleep difficult because of the pain.

Energy delivery involves every cell in the body, your thyroid gland, your adrenal glands, your liver, your stomach and intestines, your heart and your lungs.  The energy output will also be dependant on the fuel you use.  Your food intake must be correct for your body requirements.  Having more energy is reliant on your eating food which don’t give you energy spikes - as you know, riding a bike along flat roads takes a lot less energy than riding a bike up and down mountains.

By considering all of the details of your pain, a homeopathic remedy can be found which matches many of your symptoms even if it is hard to see any relation between them.  The remedies work by stimulating your body to make the necessary changes so that energy is made available.  This energy can then be used to replenish the cells that are lacking and help relieve the pain. 

Many of the constitutional remedies prescribed will really help your body regain the energy it needs to reduce muscle pain with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.  Because we are all individual and our bodies react differently to different stimulation, we must select the most appropriate remedies for each individual sufferer.  They will all have a different treatment plan.

Here are some examples of the differentials that are noted for each remedy.

Sepia :  Worn out, hormone related lack of energy, weariness and misery, pains extend into the back.  Heaviness and bruised feeling.

Silica :  When every cell needs a boost - lack of fibre, lack of strength. Prostration of mind and body.  Nervous, excitable, sensitive, brain fog.  Loss of power in legs, pains in hips, legs and feet.

Phosphorus : Burnt out, depleted.  inflamed mucous membranes. Extreme sensitivity to external impressions to light, sound, odours, touch, electrical changes, storms.  Fearful, over sensitive, brain feels tired, restless and fidgety.  Brain fog.

Nux Vomica : Worse from over indulgence or sensitivity to drugs and stimulants. With nervousness and irritability.   Numbness, Paralysis, cramps, sensation of sudden loss of power.

Lycopodium :  Deep seated, progressive, chronic diseases. Debility in the morning.Exhaustion with stomach issues, lack of confidence.  Worse between 4 and 8pm.  Pains come and go suddenly

Arsenicum:  Great exhaustion after the slightest exertion, all prevailing debility. Every thing is worse at 2am in the morning.  Anguish and restlessness, burning pains

Some of the following remedies may be also be used in your treatment plan for some of the symptoms you are experiencing:

Gelsemium: Weakness with drowsiness, dizziness, trembling, tremors and twitching, Muscle aches with heaviness.  Blurred vision, anxiety, worse in cold damp weather.

Kali phosphoricum: Anxiety, depression, insomnia, nightmares.  Illness follows after influenza. Fear of crowds/ agoraphobia. Muscle weakness and aches and pains,  worse with exercise, the cold and mental effort. Better from sleep, eating and gentle movement.

Merc sol: sore throat, enlarged lymph nodes and a lot of salivation.  Sensitive to hot and cold.  Insomnia with restlessness. Deep muscle pain

Phosphoric acid: General weakness and nervous exhaustion with diarrhoea. Listlessness, depression, sensitive.  Warn out, pale and thin, blue rings around the eyes.  Very chilly, poor appetite but very thirsty.

Zinc: Weakness with restlessness and depression, poor memory, lethargic and irritable.  Hypersensitive to noise.  Muscular twitching, numbness and coldness.

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