Increase your Energy Levels – even if you are in bed!

Increase your Energy Levels - At any time of the day, where ever you are, when ever you choose!

  • Do you know you should exercise but but you haven’t got enough energy? 
  • Do you know you should improve your diet - but you can’t face shopping and cooking right now?
  • Do you know you need to get out of this cycle but you don’t know how?

This exercise will increase your energy levels - even if you are stuck in bed, anyone can do them, where ever you are!

A little change each day will make big changes in your life - START NOW

You know that exercise increases your endorphins and will give you more energy and make you sleep better.  It is a proven fact that you can think this reaction to.   

Go for a Mental Run, Here’s how:


Sit quietly, close your eyes, imagine you are running.  You can imagine you are running along a canal path or through woodland or through fields of corn, the main thing is feel this image with all of your senses.  Hear your feet on the ground, smell the grass around you, feel the moist air as you run. Breath deeply, push yourself to run faster, feel your muscles in your legs, feel the pressure in your knees as each step makes contact with the ground. See yourself running, feel yourself running, hear yourself running. Feel the sunshine on your shoulders, feel the breeze on your face. Push yourself, go up a hill, go a bit faster, hear your breathing, feel your muscles, see yourself doing this.


Do this exercise 5 or 6 times a day - every day - do it when you boil the kettle, do it when you are waiting in a queue, do it before you get up in the morning and before you go to sleep at night. 

Your mind can lie to your body, your body will release the hormones it thinks you need - if you teach it how to do so.  If you can do this often enough you will be able to re-energise yourself as if you have had that exercise, you will feel so much better.

If you don’t fancy running, try going for a swim or climbing a mountain or cycle 30 miles.  Just do it often.  Enjoy the feeling, enjoy the experience - make time to do this mental exercise.

For more information about the research details of this exercise click here.

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