Kick Start Your Energy Levels – And Get Your Life Back

How often do you wake up unrefreshed?

How often do you feel unable to do anything enjoyable?

How often have you been fobbed off at the Doctors?

How often do you rely on coffee or sugar to get you through the day?

This is a common picture and yet there doesn't seem to be much information about what you can do about it.  You know your body - you know when something is not quite right! You know your body is fighting something but the Doctors tell you it must be in your mind.

Most people who try homeopathy need more energy.  In fact, with any illness, it zaps your energy, taking all of your resources to fight off the problem.  Most of the time we can deal with a few days of feeling "under the weather" but when it rolls on for months and even years it is not a wonder you lose faith in the system.

Homeopathy works by kick starting your energy levels.  Often the first thing clients say after taking a remedy is they feel they have a bit more energy.  Then things start to change and they realise their symptoms have diminished.

Here is some recent feedback for a lovely lady who lost her bounce for a while.

When I first started seeing Mary I was relying on coffee to get me through the day, after work I had no energy and couldn't do anything else.  I could just about get to work, I would sleep all day on my days off in the hope of feeling better. Since starting treatment with Mary, I've had more energy and feel more alert than I have done in a long time, I've started swimming again and  my family  have noticed a big change in me.

Because I was feeling tired all the time, it make me grumpy and moody. I was having two periods a month and I felt run down, often my co workers would get the brunt of my moods. Mary helped me get my periods regular and only once a month, which has been amazing. I'm a lot less hormonal and less bad tempered  which has made me happy and  I   think my co workers are very grateful too.

A year ago I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue and the only advice I was given was to rest as much as possible.  When you're a single parent who works full time that's not an option, so on my days off I would sleep all of the time and my body just ached and felt heavy. I didn't have the energy to see people or have a life - I became depressed!

I started seeing Mary as I was becoming desperate for something in my life to change and it has after only three appointments - everything has changed. After work now I go swimming and I've started yoga. On my days off I'm seeing friends and leaving my house rather than sleeping all day. I still get aches and pains, but its not like before where it would wake me at night.

Its now been a month since I saw Mary and the energy levels are just getting better and better, I'm even planning things to do now, which a few month ago would have been unthinkable.

I seem to have allergies to everything, I would touch things and the next thing I would be covered in a rash or my eyes would be sore and swollen, customers where I work would ask me if i'd been crying. In the end I had to have antihistamine all the time and wear protective gloves at work which was working out to be quite costly. Since starting homeopathy I haven't had a reaction or rash for over two months now which is great.

Before meeting Mary I lived on carbs, coffee and sugar anything that gave me energy.  I just had to so I could keep going but I knew this wasn't helping my chronic fatigue. It become a catch 22. With Mary's help and treatment I now no longer have coffee or sugar. I don't need them anymore as my body feels more balanced and I have my own  energy.

If I'm honest I wasn't sure what to expect, I wasn't totally convinced it would work but it has had an amazing effect on my body and my life. My symptoms of chronic fatigue were affecting every aspect of my life including my mental health. Without homeopathy and Mary I feel my life would still be stuck in the constant cycle of work and sleep with nothing else in my life. What Mary has helped me do is realise CF doesn't have to be a life sentence, you can get your life back, you can get your health back!

I would recommend any one who has CF that they give homeopathy a chance , because it can change your life.   MCD  Cornwall 2017

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