Fertility with Homeopathy

Fertility & Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a natural medicine that helps your body reset and rebalance to improve your health.  Our endocrine system is responsible for keeping over 3000 hormones running in conjunction with each other and with all of your organ systems at the same time.  It is an extremely complicated operation that can easily be affected by outside influences.

It is no surprise then, that hormone balance is responsible for a huge part of our health.  It can easily be knocked out of sync by inherited susceptibilities, medications, vaccinations, hormone  therapies, contraception, our environment, chemicals and hormones ingested from the food we eat and the water we drink.

Many women experience pain, discomfort and mood changes associated with their monthly cycle.  Unfortunately some experience considerably worse symptoms which do not improve with time.  Fertility is often compromised if problems are left unattended.  Quite often mainstream medication helps relieve symptoms but does not address the cause of the issue and so fertility remains compromised as the main reason for the discomfort remains - even when the pain is masked with medications.

Fertility & Homeopathy
During a homeopathic consultation, we will explore all of the symptoms present and past. We will seek to find the cause of the issue and we will find a way to rebalance the disorder and begin the journey back to health.

This is a homeopathic successful Fertility with Homeopathy  story.
At 38 Sara had been seeing an infertility specialist for seven years. She was told that there was no obvious reason why she could not become pregnant. All her tests were normal and she was offered IVF. She decided to try homeopathy before embarking on that route. When her history was taken no symptoms could be found on which to base a prescription. She had not had any previous illnesses and was well in herself.
When asked about her family history. Her mother was well, but she did not remember her father. “What had happened to him?” “He died just before I was born.” “What did he die of?” TB.
There was the only clue. Prescription of  Tub bov 10M, three tablets in one day, and two months later she missed her period.
Sara had a normal pregnancy and birth and subsequently had two more children without the need for any more remedies. This was a situation where the patient herself had no illness, but suffered from a problem passed on to her by her father which stopped her becoming pregnant. As her father had TB at the time she was conceived the remedy was Tuberculinum bovinum.

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