What to Expect from your Homeopathic Appointment

What to expect from a Homeopathic Consultation.

Everyone is individual and so will have different responses to a homeopathic treatment.  When I asked a client last week who came in for her second appointment how she was feeling, this was her response:

“I do feel different, I am not over thinking things.  My brain doesn’t seem as foggy as it did before, I am not so worried about things, of course I still care about what people think but I am not worrying about it.  I guess I am more calm, more comfortable, more peaceful even.  I have been more positive about things, not so concerned about what might happen, a lot more settled in the here and now”.

I asked when these changes occurred.

“Well not straight away I don’t think, it happened gradually, in fact I didn’t really notice anything happening, but then I realised that I wasn’t worrying, it just came back to me how much I had been worrying about things before I came to see you.  I realised I felt stronger, more able to put my case across, just silly things, usually I would feel I had to organise everyone else, now I realise they are perfectly capable of sorting some of the things themselves”.

I asked if she had noticed any other changes.

“Yes, now I have more energy I have been able to up my exercise, because I am able to exercise now, I am sleeping much better, I have even started to dream again, that is quite a difference.  And what happened to my guilt?  Usually I would feel so guilty if I hadn’t done everything that people asked of me, if there were dishes left in the sink, if I hadn’t achieved everything I had planned, or organised everything for the family, 3 months ago I would have felt so guilty, I can still be responsible but I realise I don’t have to carry guilt around the whole time.   I even said no to a couple of of things.  This is huge, I am able to put my family and our needs before those of other peoples requests.  What really surprised me that everyone was ok with it.  When I was asked to do an extra duty and I said no, they said fine, I was amazed!   I had always thought I would be letting people down, now I realise this just isn’t true.   I feel so much lighter”.

HV  October 16

Another client's first response was:

“ I couldn’t believe that you only sent me three little tablets, I thought you had made a mistake, I took them as per your instructions and initially felt no different.  Then 3 or 4 days later I woke up and felt … well different, I wasn’t really tired, I had a bit of energy. I even said to myself oh, I feel more me! I even went for a walk and I was fine”.

Placebo Effect

I am lucky enough to experience the effects of homeopathy through my patients on a daily basis and it never fails to make me smile.   How can a tiny tablet make such a profound difference to peoples lives.  When I hear about the comments that are banded around about placebo effect and that it can’t possibly work, I just think how much these people are missing out.  If the placebo effect is your body making you better then YES …. we can have more of that can’t we?  With no side effects, with safe, natural medicines which have been tested on humans rather than animals, using natural products that are harvested without endangering the planet, homeopathy seems to me to be an affordable, safe medicine that more people need to be aware of. 

If you would like to find out how homeopathy might help you and your family please book a FREE 20 minute consultation.

Your consultation can take place by telephone, skype or facetime. The time you book will be GMT London. You can be anywhere for your consultation, a private quiet place where you will not be disturbed will be ideal.  It is a good idea to choose a time you can be on your own, without interruption.