Homeopaths undertake an intensive four year training programme to qualify with a licence to practice.  They then continue studying with guidence from an association such as the Society of Homeopaths.


The Society of Homeopaths is a professional body whose members are trained to high standards and agree to practise according to a strict code of ethics and practice. It is a membership organisation governed by a board of directors, who are homeopaths elected by members (as well as two non-homeopath experts).

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The Society of Homeopaths promotes the reputable practice of homeopathy. It is responsible for ensuring that its members abide by its Codes of Ethics and Practice, which exist for the protection of the public, and act as guidance for practising members.

The Society provides information about all aspects of research in homeopathy, giving you access to a wealth of information and points you in the right direction to find out more about specific subjects elsewhere.

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