8 Natural Remedies for Back Pain.

I read recently that 90% of back pain sufferers have another pain or problem as well.  So does this mean that these people are more prone to feel back pain because they have other problems that cause them to be more susceptible to pain.  Which means, because of their other issues, their back pain is worse?

This runs in line with everything we believe with holistic health.  When you body is under pressure you begin to have symptoms.  The symptoms may or may not be related to the pressure you're feeling.  The symptoms in fact, become a form of message from your unconscious to your conscious mind.  The message is - stop what you are doing and change something - because you are out of balance.

Even though many people will agree that their back pain is often worse during periods of stress they will still need to take something to alleviate the pain in order to function.  Of course, in an ideal world, they would also be doing something to alleviate the cause of the stress at the same time.

The problem with mainstream pain killers is that they soon become less effective, you therefore then have to take more and more drugs in order to feel less pain.  Homeopathy works by encouraging your own immune system to do the work so you need less and less medication as your body learns what it needs to do.  When choosing a homeopathic remedy to deal with back pain, you will be taking note of a range of symptoms and circumstance in order to choose the right remedy.  You will need to be quite precise about the location of the pain and other symptoms that run concurrently.  Also the time of day, and what makes it better or worse will help you decide on the right remedy to help you.

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Here are 8 good remedies to begin your search.

Sudden onset of severe low back pain, coccyx and also neck pains. Worse for jarring movements, coughing, standing or sitting for long periods.   Mostly right sided pains.

Calcarea Carbonica
Lumbago from slightest exertion and from lifting things.  Weak feeling in the back.  There may be degenerative arthritis of the spine, calcification or scoliosis.  Often worse in cold or damp weather and often better for heat or rest.

Kali Carbonicum
Lower back pain and sciatica often worse at night between 2 and 3am in the mornings.  Better for putting pressure on the affected parts or when sitting bent forward or after breaking wind.  The pain extends down the right side of the spine into the buttocks or down into the sole of the foot.

Kali Bichromicum
Low back and coccyx pain. Pain wanders around the spine and may come and go suddenly.  Worse for coughing, straightening, walking, standing.  Better after urination, flexing the leg and warmth.

Rhus tox
Lower back pain or sciatica after an injury.  Often pain with a restless feeling wanting to get up and do things or move and stretch.  Often worse in the morning when waking or after exercise or in cold or wet weather.  May be impossible to straighten after being stooping for a while.  Better for heat, hot bath or for hard pressure.

Severe back pain extending to pelvis or inner thighs, worse for any movement at all.  Better when lying on the painful side

Neck and back pain with stiffness and sometimes calcification.  Worse in cold dry weather or rising from a chair.  Better for heat and being in bed.

Severe neck pain and stiffness, spasms in the neck.  Worse from exposure to draughts, motion of arm or hand, worse from pressure or massage and worse from bending forwards.

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