Learn how to address the cause of Cystitis – so it doesn’t keep recurring!

The pain of cystitis can be excruciating.   Antibiotics work - but often the symptoms return!

Cystitis is one of the most painful infections that often recur making life very difficult for a lot of woman.   The problem is that a lot of medicines can help the current infection, antibiotics are given very readily but many woman find that as soon as the course is finished the problem returns.

Mainstream medicine is good at holding off the symptoms but not very good at addressing the cause of the issue or even at making you less susceptible to recurring infections.   

If you are suffering from Recurring Cystitis you ought to try homeopathic remedies.  Choosing the right remedy is just about the details of your symptoms.   Taking the remedy is easy - just suck the pilulle so that the medicine goes straight into your blood stream - that way it works in no time at all!

Homeopathy is inexpensive, natural, organic, tested on humans, not animals and is available on line or from the pharmacist.   You can use homeopathy for many ailments, some you can treat yourself at home and others you may need to seek the advice of a registered homeopath.   Learn more about homeopathy

Have a look through these remedies and choose which one would be best matched to your symptoms.   We would recommend you buy your remedies in 30c and you can take one pillule and repeat after two hours if you are still experiencing symptoms.  If you don’t feel any change then consider a different remedy.  If symptoms still persist it may be advisable to seek medical help to rule out other types of infection.

Cantharis - a really useful remedy for anything that feels like burning!   Think of cantharis when the main symptom is pain!
Intense burning with urination - feels like scalding acid.
Terrible pains in bladder and urethra which may be relieved temporarily after urination.
Intense urging from the slightest amount of urine.   Urging every two or three minutes.
Patient shrieks from pain
Symptoms are worse from drinking and better from cold applications

Nux Vomica - Cystitis with constant urging with a full feeling - but only small amount of urine are passed.   You may have a painful retention of urine.

Petroselinum - Cystitis with intense itching or irritation in urethra.   The urge to urinate makes you jump up to go immediately.

Pulsatilla - With no capacity to hold back the urges.  Involuntary urination unless concentrating very hard.

Aconite - Symptoms begin suddenly after exposure to cold or fright.  Pressure sensation with burning before urination

Arnica - Cystitis after injuries to bladder

Arsenicum - Burning pains with acid urine - worse during chills or feel very cold.  Urine may be dark or smelly.  Patient may be restless or extremely anxious.

Belladonna - Kidney or bladder inflammation with a high fever

Merc sol - Terrible continuous urging with burning which is not relieved by urination.

Staphysagria - Unsatisfied after urinating, burning pains worse after intercourse.  Better if curled up in a ball on one side.

You can take homeopathic remedies whilst you are taking other medications - it will not affect them.   To learn more about taking homeopathy click here

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