CFS Symptoms Improve

Can CFS Symptoms Improve?

After 5 consultations I asked a client with CFS to share some of the changes experienced so far.   You will be amazed at the results so far.

1. After 5 or 6 months of using homeopathy, can you tell me if you have noticed any changes to your day to day living?
Yes, I can now get out of bed everyday, I can get ready for the day without needing a rest, getting out of breath or sweating uncontrollably
I can can work for a few hours and I am able see my friends socially. the mornings are the best time of day for me to get things done then I can slow right down after lunch.

2. Has your energy increased over the last few months?
I have seen a big difference in energy levels. especially having the energy to do basic things.

3. Has your sleep improved over the last few months?
I now sleep well for a minimum of 8 hrs every night.

4. Have your been able to do things you couldn’t do last year? If so please say what.
There is one very short answer to this at that is “Live” this time last year I was bed bound.

5. Have you changed your eating habits over the last few months?  If so please say what.
Yes I now eat a completely Gluten free diet which has really helped me to be more careful about what I eat and helped with gastrointestinal issue’s I was having before.

6. Have you become more aware of your body and the messages it sends you over the last few months? If so please explain your experience.
I am now more awake to signals my body gives me when I’m overdoing it, or if a crash is coming so I can adjust accordingly.. I noticed a big signal for a crash is a headache and tremors.

7.   Has your pain increased or decreased over the last few months?
This is hard to answer as I have pain from arthritis in my spine, but the pains in other joints and M.E/CFS related pains I do not notice even when having a crash.

8. Have your experienced less crashes over the last few months?
Yes I have roughly 2 a month now.

9.   Have you experienced any changes in the crashes you have had over the last few months?
Yes the crashes only last a few days rather than weeks.

10. What other treatment have you tried that has been effective for your chronic fatigue?  How does your experience with homeopathy compare?
I have tried every treatment you can imagine for my M.E/CFS and by far the Homeopathy has been the most beneficial. All other treatments I was unable to do, or they made me very poorly.  

In fact I have stopped all medications prescribed by my GP, In doing this I no longer have liver disease. For pain now I use epsom salts, a tens machine and homeopathic remedies.. And distracting my mind has been a big help, with creative things like crochet, knitting, and art. 

The only thing I take now are Homeopathic remedies.

11. Please list the physical and emotional symptoms that you feel have improved over the last few months.
gastrointestinal issues
sensitivity to sound and light
heavy limbs
restless legs
unexplained numbness
energy levels
activity levels
Cognitive function    

The list goes on… all of my previous symptoms have been effected by either going away, more manageable or only come when I have a flare.

12. Please list other things you feel have changed over the last few months - these may include activities, daily experiences, awareness, responses, decision making, communication, feelings.

I can now socialise for short periods
I have had a holiday to the seaside
I can leave my bed everyday
I can go out with my dogs
I can work for short periods
I can pace myself sensibly
I feel happy not tearful
I am sure I’m missing things but the short answer is “I am out of bed and I have a life"

13. Will you continue to use homeopathy?
I am going to carry on using homeopathy. I am going to carry on having reviews with Mary.

14. Will you encourage others to try homeopathy and if so why?
Yes, I already do and it has had such a great impact on my life and ability to live not just survive.

15. What is the most significant change you have experienced over the last few months?
Simply.. Being out of bed

16.   The treatment over the last 6 months that you have received costs £250 - would you consider the changes you have experienced worth that investment?
I would say you can’t put a price on the change to my life. I would have paid more.

17. Please write down anything else you think is significant about homeopathy and using it to help relieve chronic fatigue symptoms or/and about your experience spending time talking to a homeopath over a period of time.

I think that for M.E/CFS it challenges perhaps the way homeopathy is used traditionally and that if used in a slightly different way it can have some life changing effects on people with M.E/CFS lives. 

Because the change to my life has been so dramatic, All of my household products, cosmetics and toiletries  are plant based and paraben free, I now read labels on everything I buy. I make better choices in everything I do, Eat and absorb.. I don’t take any prescribed or over the counter medications or remedies because i just don’t need too. I know that Homeopathy can bring negative comments but this has worked for me and given me a “life”. People are entitled to their opinion and experiences with Homeopathy but we are all different and complicated things so what may work for one person will not work another, true of everything in life I would think.  For me personally I committed to this trial 100% and the results have been astounding.

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