Homeopathy Helping Dyslexia

Homeopathy Helping Dyslexia

Homeopathy can help make dyslexic sufferers more able to find a balance, so life is less frustrating, learning becomes easy, reading and writing becomes a little more manageable. 

Understanding how learning difficulties affect you or someone in the family means that you are more likely to be able to pinpoint the remedy that will be able to help.  How you feel, what you see, what you can process, what you have difficulty processing is the detail that is needed to find the elusive remedy. 

Reading or Writing
Whether you have trouble reading or writing, or reading what you have written or understanding what someone else has written is important.  This information along with the emotions and reactions you experience is vital to be able to hone in on the right remedies.  However, the problem often is explaining how you feel or what you experience, because that might be one of the things you find so difficult to do anyway.  How can anyone else understand what you feel if you don’t understand it yourself?

Putting together the puzzle of your experience may seem like an impossible task.  But the good news is we don’t have to be fearful of it.  If we hit on one or two things it should be enough to make a start, to change things just enough to get underway.  To open the door to the balancing room in your body.  To begin the journey.

Homeopathy is more than just a natural medicine.  Homeopathy helps to make life easier and less overwhelming for you, to learn more about what you need and don’t need as you navigate life, to be able to learn strategies that will help you create the life you want for yourself.  To help you

Some of the homeopathic remedies that we find useful helping learning disabilities and dyslexia include:

Indisposed to perform any kind of mental work, talks incoherently but does not answer.
Changing rapidly when speaking from subject to subject but does not answer questions.  Struggles with anything new. Even routine work is difficult and may be included to do the opposite.   
Facial twitching.  Grimaces

Physical and mental lack of power.  Aversion to work.  Bad memory, absent minded.  Lack of confidence in self and in others. Brain fatigue.  Great propensity to swear and curse.

Baryta Carbonica
Clouded mind, mental weakness, confusion, slow mental grasp.

Calcaria Carbonica
Inability to apply himself to work.  Learns poorly, forgetful, confused, misplaces words and expresses himself wrongly.  Fear of being observed.

Can read but inability to understand a short sentence.  Writing is disconnected.  Mind fogged but answers correctly.  Misdeeds of others make him quite beside himself.

Difficult concentration, confusion, disjointed and jumbled thoughts.  Muddled and forgetful.  Mistakes with left and right, mistakes when writing, difficulty adding up, counting and finding names for things.

Lac caninum
Very forgetful in writing, makes lots of mistakes. When reading anything she changes the meaning by omitting or adding words.  Very restless cannot concentrate the mind to read.  When speaking substitutes the name of the object seen for that which is thought.  Attacks of rage and cursing at the slightest provocation.

weak memory, confused thoughts, spells or writes the words wrongly, cannot read what he writes,  loss of confidence, averse to starting new things. Stress brings on digestion issues.  May stammer the last word of a sentence.

Mercurius vivus
Hurried speech, stammering, nervous with tremors.  Anguish and restlessness. Constantly changing their mind.  Poor self confidence and weak memory.  Agitation with internal torment

You can see how personalised homeopathic prescribing is.   Each person needs a different remedy.  Each person will experience some but not all of the symptoms seen in the remedies.  In order to find the right remedy for you, we need a full set of symptoms experienced now but also those in the past.  A full health history helps to find the remedies that can address the causes of the disfunction, and there might be many.

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