Anxiety or panic attacks affect most people at some stage or other in a lifetime.  For some people it might mean being nervous before an event, freezing in a test, breaking out in a sweat when faced with a particular situation, getting digestive disorders on  a regular basis  or it becomes so crippling that the sufferer finds it difficult to even leave their  house.

Normal medication from your Dr may help to numb the feeling of anxiety but they won't find the cause of the problem.  This means the symptoms may well recur at a later stage. Homeopathic medicines are very effective treating chronic long term disorders and work by addressing the cause of the symptoms. The medicine is not addictive and there are no side effects.

Everyone is individual and so is treated individually. With time taken to detail all of the symptoms experienced, a complete picture can be built because all of your symptoms are important.  The medicine prescribed for you is individual and so different for each sufferer because you will feel your symptoms differently to the next person.

After a remedy you will find that you begin to have a little more energy and you start to react to situations in a slightly different way.  As your body begins to readjust, your symptoms will begin to lesson, not last as long and have less impact on you.  Your body will continue to realign and you will begin the journey of recovery in a natural, gentle way.

Stress and anxiety can be experienced in many ways. Digestive disorders, back ache, headaches, palpitations and insomnia are just a few examples.

Chronic illness often leads to a reduction in social activities because of fatigue and/or pain, it then becomes harder still to get out and to interact.  Fear becomes a factor affecting everyday life.

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