Depression is a small word that describes a large range of emotional feelings and negative thoughts.  From sadness to utter hopelessness, depression can last from a few weeks to many years.  Often feelings of anger, fear, guilt, loneliness or frustration develop and then begin to affect the body.  These symptoms then affect the mind and a vicious circle begins.

Occasionally symptoms of depression, lethargy, social withdrawal, lack of concentration, forgetfulness,poor sleep, loss of appetite are mistaken for other disorders.  Depression is a treatable illness and homeopathic remedies can treat both chronic and acute depression.

Like all natural therapies, homeopathy takes a holistic approach. That is, they look at the whole picture, the whole you. Mind, body and spirit are inextricably linked. They work in synchronicity with one another, and if one area is out of balance, then there will be a knock-on effect on other areas. For example, physical pain or disability can lead to anxiety, low mood and depression. Equally, feeling stressed, anxious or low can make us physically ill. So it makes sense that all areas of mind, body and spirit must be brought back into balance for a person to truly heal.

Psychological problems such as stress, anxiety and depression affect people in different ways. A homeopath will take into consideration not only what has triggered the symptoms you are experiencing, but also how you have reacted to the events that have unfolded. This allows the homeopath to select the correct remedy for you. 

Think of a child playing with another child of the same age.  They will interact differently with one another to how they would interact with a grandparent, or even an older child. Children intuitively adjust their response mechanisms according to the person they are talking/playing/interacting with. And actually, we behave in the same way as adults! However, when we feel overwhelmed by events and situations around us, our ability to respond appropriately becomes confused. 

Homeopathy aims to restore that internal, intuitive equilibrium, enabling us to cope better with stress and anxiety, and alleviate depression.  


Grief is a natural reaction to the loss of a person, animal or object in which one has invested a lot of love and affection.  Grieving is a process which has several fairly distinct stages.  Homeopathy offers help for each specific stage of grief helping the patient cope with their loss and ensuring they are not overwhelmed by their emotions.

Ignatia: remedy for recent bereavement, grief or disappointed love.  May not be able to accept what has happened or reacts with a sense of disbelief.

Nat mur: For very sensitive people who remember the smallest slights for a long time. Find they have to protect themselves by shutting themselves off.  Silent grief.

Sepia: Chilly, weepy, Dislike sympathy, prefers to be alone.

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