Insomnia can be one of the symptoms you experience when suffering from a wide range of ill health.

Homeopathy has a marvellous history of treating insomnia,  some of the first aid remedies which may help you improve your sleeping pattern are listed below.  Just take one tablet an hour or so before you go to bed and one if you wake in the night.  If you suffer from other symptoms as well, it may be worth booking a consultation to see if we can find a remedy to help you improve your health and wellbeing as a whole.

Arsenicum Album :  anxious, restless, fear or worry.  Frequent starting or jumping awakens you, worse after midnight, cannot lie still in bed, likes head raised and finds going back to sleep after awakening difficult.

Coffea Cruda: With the homeopathic rules of like treats like, coffee in a homeopathic dilution is a really useful remedy for sleeplessness. Rapid thoughts or an active mind, constant flow of ideas, restlessness, nervous energy or excitement.  Palpitations with sleeplessness.

Gelsemium : Anxiety about a forthcoming event, drowsy, dull mind, exhaustion, worse for bad news, constant thinking about problems. Itching face, neck and shoulders

Ignatia: intense yawning or sighing.  Sleeplessness from recent grief or disappointment.  Limbs jerking wakes you, child wakes screaming after being reprimanded.

Lycopodium: Wake from hunger, must get up and eat, frequent waking and feeling unrefreshed in the morning. Can't get comfy, sleepy all day, restless mind at night.

Nux Vomica: Frequent yawning, irritability, wakes between 3 and 4am with active mind, falls asleep as daylight approaches then find waking difficult. Sleeplessness from too much coffee or alcohol, likes lying on back with arms under head.

Passiflora: Sleeplessness with exhaustion, convulsions, restlessness

Phosphorus: Frequent waking feeling hot, worse on left side, sleeplessness from anxiety or excitement, busy mind, thinking of business.

Sulphur: Wakes between 2 and 5am and unable to go back to sleep.  Itchy skin or perspiring skin, worse for heat. Wakes feeling a rush of blood to the head, Constant flow of thoughts prevents sleep.

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