Peri Menopause


Peri Menopause

This is the period in our life when our body begins to change and our fertility begins to wind down as we progress into menopause.   It often comes as a shock when we begin to experience symptoms which are new, frustrating and often we don't realise what is happening.

Peri menopause often begins in our forties, but can be earlier for some and later for others.  Even when our periods seem to be still regular, we can begin to notice changes.  This might include:

  • hot flushes (flashes)
  • sweating
  • mood swings
  • irritability
  • heavier periods
  • intense abdominal pains
  • weight gain
  • acne
  • irregular periods
  • spotting between periods
  • vaginal dryness
  • loss of libido
  • intense itching
  • migraine
  • anxiety
  • palpitations

I often hear that a visit to your GP does not often bring reassurance or explanation.  Peri menopause isn't often discussed, an answer to irritability or to reduce heavy bleeding seems to be to prescribe hormonal drugs.  Until you stop having periods, HRT is not an option and so you left feeling frustrated and alone.

It might help to research more about perimenopause, to find out what is physically happening and what you can expect and of course, all of the things that might help you through this time.  Perimenopause is a completely natural transitional phase that you will go through, our job as Health Practitioners, is to make this time in your life as easy as is possible for you, helping you through each phase as it arrives.

As you can see from the list above, many emotional and physical changes may be filling your world during this time, so any help you can get is a bonus.

Homeopathic first aid remedies are often useful for some symptoms, however, it is advisable to see a homeopath for longer lasting relief and for optimising your hormone balance during this time.

Here are some of the popular first aid remedies that you can take during this phase.

This remedy is often used to help relieve period pain experienced with low moods or mood swings. You might think of sepia if your periods become irregular, painful or you begin flooding (intense heavy periods).  Flashes of heat especially at night.  May feel indifferent towards loved ones at times.

Is useful if you become tearful or over emotional, if you have symptoms that come and go or change position often.  Periods may be irregular, late or intermittent.

For really intense period paid that makes you cry out in pain.  Profuse discharge, dark red blood with clots.

For abdominal pain that makes you want to bend over double to relieve the pain.  The pain is a stabbing pain that is relieved by pressure.

For those who suffer from heavy, bright flooding, if you get very irate, angry or highly emotional (and express your feelings loudly and forcefully).   You may suffer from hot flushes (flashes), vertigo and palpitations which are all better once your flow begins.

Heavy bright red periods with burning pains or cutting pains from hip to hip.  Breasts feel heavy, hard and red.   May have a throbbing head.

You can buy first aid homeopathic remedies from your natural health store or chemist to help relieve symptoms. If your symptoms continue or are associated with other health issues it might be worth considering seeing a homeopath for a personalised health plan to help you on your journey back to health.

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