10 Natural Remedies to Clear Up Your Cough!

10 Natural Remedies to Clear Up Your Cough!

There are many different causes that result in a cough.  With natural remedies like homeopathy it is important to find the remedy that suit your symptoms.  Your symptoms will differ from other people, that is - the way you cough, when you cough, how you cough, whether you feel a tickle in the throat or a pain in the chest or your back - it is these symptoms that define the remedy which will be most help to you.

If you have a long standing, chronic cough or a recurring cough, it might be advisable to seek the advice of a qualified homeopath who can look at addressing the cause of the cough.

When treating yourself or your family with first aid homeopathic remedies you will usually find 12c or 30c potency is suitable. 

How to take:

Take one pillule and repeat in one hour if needed.  If your symptoms are no better after 3 hours - you need to find a more fitting remedy. 

If your symptoms get better and then return - take another pillule - just one!

If your symptoms change - find a better suited remedy to suit the new symptoms.

These remedies are available in a homeopathic first aid kit or can be purchased individually from your natural health store or chemist.

Cough develops very rapidly after exposure to cold, dry air.  Often accompanied by a temperature or anxiousness or fear.
Symptoms worse on inspiration and often after just falling asleep.
Symptoms better for lying on your back.

Antimonium Tartaricum
Noisy rattling loose cough as if the chest is filled with mucus.  The patient may be irritable and not want attention.
Symptoms are worse in the evening and when lying flat.
Symptoms are better sitting up.

Severe painful cough felt in the whole head and chest.   It is better if you hold your chest or sometimes your head whilst coughing.   Hurts to move.
Symptoms better from fresh air.
Symptoms worse from lying down, overheating, raising arms, eating.

Irritated tickly cough often hoarse or rawness felt in the chest or the larynx. Feeling of mucus in the chest although not much is coughed up.
Symptoms often worse during the night, lying down, becoming heated in bed, talking.
Symptoms better when you have a cold drink.

Hacking cough, gagging with coughing often alternating with sneezes. Often irritable, restless and picking at nose.
Symptoms worse in the morning

Allergic coughs which is worse all day but perfectly quiet at night. May also suffer from conjunctivitis, or runny, sore eyes. Always marked improvement from lying down.

Kali Carbonicum
Bronchitis or a productive cough.  Can be a dry tickly cough.  Crawling, tickling sensation.  Pains in chest.
Symptoms worse between 2 and 4am and on first going to sleep.
Symptoms better for sitting up or bending forward.

Cough from allergy or asthma or from fluent colds.  Loose, rattling coughs sometimes with green phlegm produced. Dry cough in the evening and loose cough in the morning
Symptoms worse in the evening or at night or becoming cold or wet.  Worse from heavy exertion or warm rooms.
Symptoms better when walking gently or in open air

Every cold ends in a cough and a chest infection.  A dry, tickling cough which is painful.  Burning felt in the chest with each cough.   Headache often with the cough and general exhaustion and trembling.
Symptoms worse in the evening or when asleep,
Symptoms better if lying on right side and better when warm.

Dry, hacking cough from allergy or asthma or infection. May be a barking cough or an irritated cough with constriction or tickling in the throat.  Sometimes it feels like burning in the throat.
Symptoms worse from the cold.
Symptoms better from eating or drinking

If you would like to know more about homeopathy for first aid and treating at home please click here

If your cough is a recurring one - book a FREE 15 minute consultation to find out how homeopathy can address the cause of the issue and help you be less susceptible to infections.

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