Cuba treats 11 million people with homeopathy!

Cuba treats 11 million people with homeopathy!

Why Cubans no longer have to worry about leptospirosis

Leptospirosis was endemic in Cuba, the disease was carried in rodent urine and became widespread in the water system because of the high rainfall seasons and hurricanes causing flooding.

Prior to 2007 Cuba imported expensive vaccines which were largely ineffective. During a particularly bad infestation, The Finley Institute in Cuba decided to try homeopathic immunisation.

This was to be the largest-scale ever homeopathic study, involving 2.3 million patients in parts of Cuba.   The patients were given two doses of a homeopathic remedy as a preventative to the disease which spread more rapidly during the hurricane seasons. The infection rate for leptospirosis dropped to near zero, and the cost of the homeopathic remedy was a small fraction of what they had been paying for vaccination.

The results were so good and such value for money, it was decided that it was cheap enough to treat the entire population of 11 million.  Over the next year or two it was repeated and within 4 years the disease was nearly eradicated.  Treatment has not needed to be continued.

The result is that Cuba is now using homeopathic prophylaxis (medicating to prevent disease) and treatment for many other infectious diseases, including dengue fever, ‘swine’ flu, hepatitis A and conjunctivitis. They have all been equally successful.  Cuba uses homeopathic treatment because it is affordable.

The question you should be asking is - Why doesn’t the world know about this?

Why have the media been so quiet?
Why aren’t other governments looking at the result?
Why don’t we know about this?
Who benefits from keeping this information from the world?
I will leave the answers to these questions for you to decide.

There is lots and lots of evidence that homeopathy works.  There have been thousands of random controlled trials and as it is the second most used medicine in the world, there is lots of scientific evidence and patient results that confirm it is a medicine that works.  More evidence


The main reason that homeopathy should be considered as a viable medicine is because it is a cheap form of medicine that does not need to be repeated forever. Patients will not become addicted to it nor will bacterias become resistant to it. It works by helping your body become able to self heal and so does not need to be continually taken in order to work.

Homeopathic medicines are also kind to the environment and are not tested on animals - more about the ethical stance of homeopathy.

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