A Choice in Health

A Choice in Health
I love homeopathy because it empowers me to take back responsibility for my own health. This means questioning the experts, it means listening to my own body and acting when I can.

It means knowing I have a choice, knowing I don't have to just do what I am told, knowing I can do my own research and come to my own conclusions.

I understand it must be annoying for your average Doctor, when patients come for a consultation laden with an internet diagnosis and a request for multiple tests.  For me this is the beginning of the awakening that the internet is facilitating.  We no longer have to rely on others to tell us if we are healthy, we can find out ourselves.

As far as homeopathy is concerned, many of my clients are aware of the messages their body transmits.  They understand that a symptom is a request for change.  They understand that the symptom should be examined to find the message within, they don't need the symptom to be masked, they need the message to be understood and the required change to be made.   As a homeopath, I can help interpret the symptom that you experience, and provide a remedy that can initiate the change your body is asking for.

We now also have some great extra resources to help you use homeopathy more at home with your family, friends and pets.   You can use homeopathic remedies for many different first aid applications, giving you a choice in medications so that you don't have to use antibiotics for coughs and colds, or calpol for teething pain, or antihistamines for allergies.

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We also have homeopathic first aid courses for you to learn more about prescribing homeopathy from the comfort of your settee.

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We do hope you will try these resources and continue to grow and flourish using homeopathy to optimise your health and that of your loved ones.



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