First aid remedies for fungal infections, herpes, cold sores and warts

First aid remedies for fungal infections.

If you are under constitutional homeopathic treatment and you have a history of fungal infections then you might experience a return of old symptoms.   They will not last for long and you will find that if you can leave them without further treatment then they will be much improved from here on in.

Constitutional treatment will help to prevent recurrence of the infections. For homeopathic first aid treatment can help you in the short term but will not prevent recurrence. The following remedies should be considered and chosen according to how and where you experience the infection.

When choosing a first aid remedy choose a low potency of 12c or 30c and take 3 doses on day one, two doses or day 2 and one dose on day 3.

Then watch and wait to see if the body can complete the healing process.

  1. Scaly round patches on the face, lower lips, head and scalp. Usually dry, whitish and may be slightly itchy ….   Sepia
  2. Moist eruptions on the scalp and behind the ears …. Calc carb
  3. Ringworm of the scalp, brownish crusts with reddish borders  …Dulcamara
  4. Brownish raised areas with a thick border, crumbly or hard toenails …. Worse for heat and perspiration …. Graphites
  5. Constantly sweaty feet with moist crack between the toes …. Silica
  6. Very itchy, red areas at folds of scrotum and thighs, burning athlete’s foot … Sulphur
  7. Circular patches all over the body. May have offensive odours  … Tellurium
  8. Ringworm with many fine white scales … Tuberculinum

First Aid Remedies for Herpes Zoster

  1. Shingles on the face, severe burning pains, marked swelling   ….. apis
  2. Right side of face or torso, burning pains worse at night or in cold air …. Arsenicum album
  3. Tremendous itching, burning and neuralgia, left scapula and chest …. Dolichos
  4. Large zoster blisters with burning.   Blisters break open and ooze a thick liquid
  5. Deep red or purple eruptions or lesions on the left side …. Lachesis
  6. Shingles around the abdomen eroding the skin, burning when touched … Mercurius
  7. Large watery vesicles around the mouth and face …. Natrum Muriaticum
  8. Vesicular and very itchy or painful lesions on the right side, worse at night better for hot bathing …. Rhus Toxicodendron

First Aid Remedies for Cold Sores

Nat mur … recurring transparent vesicles (sometimes look pearly)
Location … around the lips, margin of hair, the chin, at the edge of the nose, in knees and elbows.
Worse for:  Sun, stress or illness

Rhus Tox … Red, itchy, burning or angry lesions which break, suppurate and leave a yellow crust.
Location … Lips, nose, face, behind ear, back of hands, fingers, cornea
Worse for:   Cold damp death or during fever

Sepia … Periodic herpes with chapped, raw or cracking skin
Location … Lower lip
Worse: during menstrual cycle, monthly.

Arsenicum Album … Intensely burning herpes,
Location … Eyes or cornea
Worse: At night

Causticum … Vesicles with deep ulcers, burning vesicles which leak a corrosive fluid
Location … Nipples, Fingers around the nails, heels
Worse: for touch

Remedies for Warts

Causticum … Multiple or very large warts, fleshy, flat or large.
Location … tips of fingers around the nails, face, eyebrow or eyelids, tip of the nose

Thuja … Large, impressive warts or rapidly growing warts both broad based and conical.  May be dark coloured or red.
Location … Face, lips, nose, hands, genitals

Antimonium Crudum … Hardened warts like horns.  Sometimes flat or smooth warts
Location … Hands and fingers, Plantar warts, eyelid

Nitric Acid … Jagged, itchy, moist warts, sometimes very large which may bleed easily.  Sometime cauliflower shaped.
Location … Face and lips, inside nose, hands and fingers, genital and anus.

Calcarea Carbonica … multiple warts on hands and fingers, fleshy, soft, round warts with a rough surface.  Warts that become hollowed.
Location … hands and fingers, elbow and forearms, face, behind the ear, eyes, genitalia.

Lycopodium … Dry itchy warts that are cracked and jagged
Location … Chin, tip of tongue, genitals

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