First Aid or Constitutional Remedy

First Aid Remedy or Constitutional Remedy

There are times to prescribe a first aid remedy and times to prescribe a deeper acting constitutional remedy, there will also be times to prescribe both.

A First Aid Remedy
A first aid remedy is a remedy chosen to help relieve symptoms of an acute disorder.   An acute disorder is one which is less than five or six weeks old. When healthy, your own self healing mechanism will work on correcting the health disturbance, sometimes it is useful to have a remedy to help speed the process of healing.

A Constitutional Remedy
For a more long standing illness (chronic illness is usually more than six weeks old) or a recurring illness, a more deep acting remedy must be sought to help address the original cause of the illness. A homeopath will work to find a constitutional remedy or one which takes into account the whole of the person's health not just the presenting symptom.

The Presenting Symptom
A symptom is a message from the body telling you that something must change.  The body is usually capable of righting any imbalances but sometimes it needs a helping hand.  Homeopaths believe that if you suppress symptoms they will come back in a different form.  To successfully address a symptom you need to address the cause ... to address the original imbalance so that the symptom doesn't recur.

The Whole Health (Holistic)
To find a remedy which can address the cause of illness, the whole health will be taken into account. The Holistic approach takes into account the inherited susceptibilities, both the emotional and the physical reactions to trauma, to relationships, to the environment and to stress. The remedy will help improve health to such an extent that the symptoms won't recur.

Treating Acute and Chronic Symptoms
It may be necessary to prescribe both an acute (first aid) remedy and a deeper acting remedy which can help address the cause of the issue.  An example of this will be an asthma patient, we can relieve the symptoms as they occur and we can address the inherited susceptibility of the weak chest by prescribing remedies to correct the original imbalance to help increase strength and build resilience to further attacks.

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