FREE – homeopathic course – My Present to You

Happy New Year!  Happy New Learning!

FREE Homeopathic Course (My present to you)
Online Course ... FREE of CHARGE.... 2 weeks only!

New Year's Resolution?   Be Healthy, Be Happy, Help Others!
For the first two weeks in January 2018 you can subscribe to "Which Remedy? " Homeopathic course free of charge.

My present to you..... you can enrol on this course free of charge.
(This offer is available for the first two weeks of 2018).

What is the catch?
I hope, once you start to use homeopathy and you start to prescribe successfully for your family will be hooked and you will use more homeopathy and you will introduce it to everyone you know.

What is the Saving?
This course is usually priced at £49 + VAT = £58.80  ...
Today you can have it for FREE     click here to enrol

How Long Will I have to do the Course?
As long as you like.  You can do it when you like. You can go back to sections, you can save sections, you can skip sections, you can print sections.

So What is the Course?
The course is a series of over 40 Chapters of online learning that you can spend as long as you want to learning about homeopathy at home.   There is an online support FaceBook group so that you can ask your questions with other learners whenever you need too.

Access to Related Courses
You will have first access to new material as it is produced.

What Do I need to do?
Click through here and select ENROL on Course ..... Select FREE Course at the bottom of the page.   Once you have enrolled, you can spend as long as you wish to do your course.  You will always have access to the course.

Enrol on the FREE Which Remedy course

Other self prescribing information that might be useful

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