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Hay Fever Symptoms - Try Homeopathy!

Hay fever can be a real nuisance year after year for many people.  Mainstream medication leaves you feeling drowsy yet many people don’t know there is a choice.

Homeopathy addresses hay fever by stimulating your own self healing mechanism to realign the irritation levels, so that you are not irritated by specific stimulants.

When you book to see a homeopath they will go through a whole series of questions so that they are able to address the cause of the susceptibility, which may go back many years.   There are however various homeopathic first aid remedies you can buy to help relieve the symptoms you have now.  You can buy the remedies from homeopathic pharmaceutical companies or from Natural Health Food Shops or from High Street Chemists.

For some people, one pilule will be enough, for others, you may need several over the course of a day or week.  Relief is usually within a few minutes if you have chosen the correct remedy.  The remedies are safe to use for the very young or elderly people, during pregnancy and with no side effects you are safe to drive.  They also can be taken if you are taking any other medications.

Some of the popular remedies include:

Allium cepa
This remedy, prepared from the red onion, treats the symptom of streaming eyes and nose that is worse in warm and stuffy rooms. With a burning nasal discharge and frequent sneezes or a eyes that run with a bland discharge.

Arsenicum album
With a burning or itchy nose, eyes or throat you may be better in open air although sensitive to bright sunlight.

Streaming eyes which burns your cheeks.  Lots of sneezing which improve in open air away from pollen.

Natrum muriaticum
With eyes and nose streaming and lots of sneezing with a thick egg white type discharge leaving you feel miserable, blotchy and irritated by the sun.

Nux vomica
With streaming eyes and nose, this is for people who become irritated and snappy when affected. Symptoms are generally worse in dry air and better in a damp atmosphere.

With one nostril congested and discharges which may be yellowy or green, the sufferer will be weepy and needy and generally upset.

A watery, burning discharge with frequent sneezing.  The nose may be blocked on alternate sides.  The eyes may have a burning feeling and symptoms will be worse in the warmth and better outside.

Kali bi
Consider this remedy when thick, stringy, green or yellowish mucus from the nose or throat is present. There may also be a post-nasal or pain at the root of the nose relieved by hard pressure.

Spasmodic sneezing leads you to feel exhausted.  Nose may feel tickly inside and the sneezing may make your eyes water leaving red eyelid margins.  Symptoms better in a warm room.

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