Relief for Sinus Pain and Discomfort

Relief for Sinus Pain and Discomfort

I don’t think it is surprising we have so many problems with our sinuses.  The sinus cavity seems not to have a function apart from making our skulls lighter.  But these spaces are lined with a membrane which is similar to that in our nose. It contains immune cells and it produces mucus when our body thinks we need to get rid of foreign particles.

The mucus should escape from the sinus cavities which lead to the nose.  Unfortunately these are very narrow (only the diameter of a pin head) and are U shaped which means they easily become blocked.  The drainage channels are also situated at the top of the sinus cavity not at the bottom.   We presume this would have worked well when we traveled on all fours but is not so great now that we move around on two legs in a more upright position.

Whether the mucus is formed through allergy or blockage, fungi  or infection it creates a vicious circle. Where there is inflammation, mucus is created and where there is mucus buildup there is more risk of the cavities becoming clogged and blocked and then infected.  The bodies own attempts to clear the sinuses becomes overwhelmed by the task.

Symptoms of sinusitis include:

  • Pain and swelling around the cheeks and eyes
  • Earache or headache or pain around the teeth
  • Reduction in the sense of smell, taste or both
  • Coughing at night
  • Sore throat
  • Post nasal drip (mucus running into the throat)
  • Fever
  • Fatigue and poor concentration
  • Irritability

Babies and small children often cant tell you what is wrong.   If unresolved it can sometimes lead to asthma or long standing nettle rash.

Homeopathic remedies which are useful for sinusitis :

Belladonna … Right sided symptoms with extreme pain on bending the head forward, worse from motion, flushed face with cold hands.

Causticum … Chronic nasal obstruction and post nasal discharge.  Constant mucus sensation with the desire to clear the throat.  There may not be any nasal discharge, there may be hoarseness of the throat.

Kali-bi  … Thick, sticky, yellow mucus which is difficult to evacuate.  Post nasal discharge, full feeling at the root of the nose, complete nasal obstruction

Lycopodium … Right sided sinusitis and nasal discharge especially at night or during sleep.  Yellow, crusted with frequent colds.

Merc viv  Frontal sinusitis, no resistance to infection, every cold leads to sinusitis.  Excessive salivation, offensive breath,  pains worse at night.  Greenish discharge.

Hepar Sulph … Sinusitis with obstruction nd thick nasal discharge after every exposure to cold.  May have an odour like old cheese

Silica …. Chronic sinusitis lasting for months after every cold.  Purulent discharge, frontal pain and worse in cold weather.  May also lead to vertigo.

Spigelia … Left sided symptoms with severe stabbing pains in the forehead which radiate backwards or behind the eye.  The face may appear swollen.  Worse for smoke.

Teucrium …. Recurring nasal polyps especially on the right side.  Prickling and tingling of the nose especially at the root of the nose.

Thuja … Clear or greenish post nasal discharge with obstruction.  Worse on the left side and in cold damp weather.  Left or frontal headache with pain going into the teeth when the nose is blown.

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