What is a Constitutional Remedy?

What is a Constitutional Remedy?

A constitutional remedy is one that is the best match for everything about you.  Both the emotional and the physical symptoms are considered as well as your medical history and your family medical history.  It also looks at how you react.  It is your reaction to life around you that makes you individual.  Your reaction/response is what differentiates you from every one else. 

The way your body also reacts and the symptoms you experience all makes up your reaction.   The things which make the symptoms better or worse also play a part in finding out how your body reacts to it’s surroundings.

So if you tend to experience digestion issues when stressed or anxious, we will differentiate this from people who tend to strain a muscle when anxious or get a stye or a coldsore.

It is useful to know which constitutional remedies would be most suited for you or your family members.  The remedy will often be useful if you feel under the weather or are feeling anxious or susceptible to illness.   You won’t always be the same constitution, you may sway between 2 or 3 similar remedies or you might grow into a different remedy as you experience life.

There are fewer children’s constitutional remedies and so a little easier to get the hang of for the younger members of the family.  It is sometimes very difficult to see your own constitution.  This is because you are already prejudiced about your reactions so you often don’t see the whole picture.

Giving a constitutional remedy is really handy for emotional symptoms. These remedies will help to improve your general wellbeing helping you to be less susceptible to illness and disease.

There are a few things to remember:

1. Don't keep giving remedies, the remedy doesn't make you better - it works by kick starting the healing process. You can give too much - so give one dose and wait. Notice the changes. You only need to give a remedy when a change is required in the natural healing process. This might be once every two months - maybe once a year, maybe once and never again! Homeopathic medicines do not need to be given repeatedly. If it didn't work you need to find a better remedy.

2. Remedies work in conjunction with a balanced diet, good exercise and a safe environment.

3. You can't change your temperament or personality, you can only optimise your health. This means you can help to can expect to feel more relaxed, less anxious and more able to cope with the eb and flow of life around you.

Well Known Constitutional Remedy Pictures:

For those who like everything in the right order. You will like routine, order and tidiness. If your routine is upset you might experience digestive issues, or burning heartburn or severe headaches. You may be anxious or worse in the middle of the night.  You are very well dressed and always feel your best when you know you are looking good.  You are particular about eating a healthy diet.

Other signs may include:
Sips water frequently, always feels cold. Concerned about health with a fear of death. May be nervous, oversensitive and anxious.

Symptoms will include: diarrhoea and vomiting, anxiety, allergies, burning symptoms, asthma, panic attacks, extreme weariness or exhaustion. You are fastidious and sometimes this can go to the extreme.

Craves company, may be persuasive, manipulative and good at getting what you want. May then be shy, yielding and clingy.

Easily led or easily persuaded, may be mild and gentle, may get excitable or moody or jealous. Easily tearful.

Discharges tend to be creamy yellow or green. Symptoms may be changeable, moving from place to place. Usually better when outside in the fresh air and worse in hot, stuffy rooms.

Laid back characters who are confident in their own environment. Enjoy a good, meaningful discussion but won't easily be persuaded to change their viewpoint.

Symptoms include the feeling of burning pain. Symptoms are worse for heat and better for exercise.

The sulphur picture includes allergies, eczema, breathing issues and many skin disturbances. Often found itching something.

May have all kinds of allergies

Quite often a small, dark, intelligent, chilly, strong willed person, may be nervous or shy. May have skin issues or skin that wont heal. May be anxious, nervous or excitable.

Feels the cold, gets weak and tired. Problems may affect every part of the body.

Very sociable person who loves people. May be nervous of loud noises, thunder storms, the dark etc. May even know when a storm is on its way. Usually bubbly people who enjoy everything around them.

Craves company and loves to be touched, they are better for eating and sleeping.

When ill may become completely exhausted, chilly and fearful.

Nux vomica
Is a remedy for those who like to work hard and play hard. They are always doing something. They often enjoy a drink or a cigarette or good food or a wild party. They are not usually worried about what people think of them, they have the confidence of success.

Symptoms include headaches, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. They are worse in the mornings, or with loud noises.

Digestion issues are big for lycopodium with everything from diarrhoea or constipation, bloating, flatulence, colic.

Everything is worse between 4pm and 8pm.

Anxiety may be an issue at work or at home, loss of self confidence and poor self esteem. Fear of public speaking, and apprehensive about anything new.

Calcarea Carbonica
For home loving people who like the comfort of those they know around them. May have fears and anxieties about anything new or out of the comfort zone. May be careful, precise, slow and steady careful achievers.

Symptoms include skin problems, including warts and lumps, chronic catarrh, bone abnormalities, enlarged lymph nodes and umbilical hernias. Bone weakness, teeth problems due to being unhealthy.

Symptoms are usually worse for exercise and better for warmth. May have sweat without heat. Babies with sweaty heads during sleep, slow with teething and walking. They watch others before jumping in.

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