Can Medications be the Cause of your Symptoms?

Can Medications be the Cause of your Symptoms?
Our finely tuned bodies have their own self healing mechanism.   Occasionally this goes a little haywire and is unable to bring us back on track and return us to health.

It makes sense that if we tamper with this highly sensitive machine, it may well create problems that it is unable to solve itself.  Each time we expose our bodies to repeated rounds of antibiotics, vaccinations, hormones, steroids, metals, medications and anaesthetics, we increase the risk of upsetting the balance of our long term health.

If your symptoms are direct side effects of your medications then homeopathy can often help relieve the symptoms as well as help you improve your general health.

Medications and Vaccinations Can Sometimes Upset our  Self Healing Mechanism
There is no doubt that mainstream medications have allowed us to live longer.  There is no doubt that mainstream medications are necessary for many people at different times in their life.  But what we also know is that sometimes the medications change the natural settings in our bodies resulting in a compromised immune system that needs to be "rebooted". 

Over the last 50 years, we have found cures for many diseases and we can now enjoy many more years than our predecessors.   But are we healthier?

Much of our population takes many more medications than ever we used to.  We have new diseases emerging each year and more bacterial resistance to medications creating new super bugs that are proving difficult to manage.

More and More Drugs Required
Whilst we pump more and more money into disease and medication research, we don’t get any healthier.  The NHS in the UK claim that half the adult population take prescribed medications on a regular basis.  One in five women take anti depressant drugs, drugs are often prescribed alongside other drugs resulting in patients often taking more than five or six  (and often many more) different medications.  The side effects of these medications are many and varied.   We become more and more reliant on them even though they are not making us better.

Inflammatory Diseases
When we look at the numbers of inflammatory diseases which are rife in our community …. allergies, digestive intolerances, eczema, asthma, anxiety, rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s Disease, IBS, cancers …. we find many more inflammatory conditions emerging in our society and we have to ask ourselves why this is.  

We know that there are many side effects and issues caused by medications and vaccinations.  The question is, has it caused your body problems from which it is having difficulty resolving? If so, what can we do about it?

Health Timeline
When you have a consultation with a Classical Homeopath, you will be asked about the medications and vaccinations you have been exposed to.   A timeline of medications can be overlaid with a timeline of health and symptoms (both emotional and physical) to see if any patterns emerge.

If there is significant correlation then detoxing might be proposed.   Detoxing with homeopathic remedies means prescribing very dilute solutions of the remedies you have been exposed to. This is called Tautopathy (it is using the actual substance rather than similar substances … which is the definition of homeopathy).

The purpose of tautopathy detoxing is to remind your body of the picture of health before it was affected by the toxin which caused the health disturbance.  If we can stimulate the body to return to and to maintain the balanced level prior to the disturbance we can successfully detox the offending substance.

We often find that steroids stop other detoxing from being successful, so there is a hierarchy that needs to be adhered to.   Ton Janson writes about this in his book Treating Fire with Fire.  It is a very useful read for anyone interested in further research.

If you suspect medications or vaccinations have detrimentally affected your health then you can book a FREE 15 minutes consultation to find out how homeopathy detoxing can help your body reboot so that you can begin to optimise your health once more.

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