6 Remedies to Help Overcome Exhaustion

6 Natural Remedies to help overcome Exhaustion

There are many different causes that result in exhaustion.  With natural homeopathic remedies like homeopathy it is important to find the remedy that suit your symptoms.  Your symptoms will differ from other people, that is - the way you experience exhaustion, the physical symptoms you suffer from with it, the time of day you feel exhausted and the reasons why you feel so. It is all of these symptoms that define the remedy which will be most help to you.

If you have long standing, or recurring exhaustion, then it is advisable to seek the advice of a qualified homeopath who can look at addressing the causes of the issue.

When treating yourself or your family with first aid homeopathic remedies you will usually find 12c or 30c potency is suitable.  Learn more about using homeopathy at home

Homeopathy is the 2nd most popular form of medicine in the world, it is tested on humans not animals, it uses very dilute substances to rebalance your body and help kick start your healing process.  More about homeopathy

How to take a homeopathic remedy:

Take one pillule and repeat in one hour if needed.  If your symptoms are no better after 3 hours - you need to find a more fitting remedy. 

If your symptoms get better and then return - take another pillule - just one!
If your symptoms change - find a better suited remedy to suit the new symptoms.
These remedies are available in a homeopathic first aid kit or can be purchased individually from your natural health store or chemist.

Learn more about self prescribing homeopathy for you and your family

Exhaustion with anxiety and restlessness with nightly aggravation.  Great exhaustion after the slightest exertion.  Often experiencing burning pains that may be relieved by applying heat.  Sudden great weakness from trivial causes with anxiety or restlessness.

Suitable for fastidious, oversensitive people who are often worse in the middle of the night.  Weariness in the limbs, trembling of hands, twitching, spasms, heaviness or uneasiness.

Debility from exhausting discharges, loss of fluids, weak digestion, gas and bloating of the abdomen.  The patient becomes weak, over-sensitive and nervous.  Everything upsets - light, noise, smells, touch, pain.  Worse after eating and at night.  Pain and numb sensation in the limbs, weariness of joints with swelling.  Extreme sensitive to touch. Drowsiness, un-refreshing sleep.

Carbo veg
Easily worn out, may faint, never fully recovered from the effects of a previous illness.  Always weak, sick or exhausted.  Heavy aching feeling in the bones, cold or blue, feels sluggish.  Limbs heavy and stiff.  Burning pains in bones or limbs.  Pains in shins and cramps in soles.

Overpowering aching, tiredness, heaviness, weakness and soreness especially in the muscles of the limbs. Dizziness, drowsiness, dullness and trembling.  Never been well since influenza. Muscular weakness.  Wants to lie down quietly, eyelids feel heavy.  Excessive trembling and weakness in the limbs.  Dull heavy ache, bruised sensation.

Weariness and misery, often with hormonal imbalances. Never been well since puberty, childbirth or hysterectomy.  Angry, sensitive, irritable and easily offended.  Weakness in the small of the back.  Restlessness in limbs, twitching and jerking.  Pains in the liver.  Nausea in the morning before eating.  General lack of warmth in body, with sudden flashes of heat.

Nat mur
Great weakness and weariness, easy exhaustion. Over sensitive, depressed or introverted.  May have chronic effects from grief.  Fear of being rejected or hurt, but consolation aggravates. Extremely forgetful, scattered thoughts, absent minded.  Headaches and migraines.  Numbness and tingling in fingers.

If it is hard for you too choose which remedy would be the best one for you then it might be advisable to find out more from a homeopath.

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There are many different causes that result in exhaustion.  With natural homeopathic remedies like homeopathy it is important to find the remedy that suit your symptoms.  Click to read about these 6 homeopathic remedies for overcoming exhaustion.  #homeopathy #exhaustion #fatigue #energy

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