Widespread pain is one of the most common symptoms of Fibromyalgia.  The pains can be located in any part of the body but may be worse in certain areas or at certain times.

Mainstream medicine is usually able to help control the pain levels but is unlikely to address the cause of the symptoms and therefore unlikely to help relieve the pain completely.

Other common symptoms include nerve sensitivity, food intolerance, fatigue, insomnia, cognitive fog, vertigo, headaches, anxiety and sometimes depression as well. 

The cause of the issues are often varied and sometimes difficult to ascertain.  Natural health practitioners work by looking to address the cause of the symptoms to help find long term relief. Homeopathy works by helping to boost your own self healing mechanism so that you body works on healing from the inside out. By taking into account all of your symptoms, and building a picture of what makes you you, and how you react to the events of life, helps to create the picture needed to establish your individual prescription to begin your journey to health.

Homeopathy can be integrated into your current medical plan.  You will not be asked to stop any of your medication prescribed to you by your GP and homeopathy does not interfere with any drugs you may be taking.  In fact it often helps relieve some drug induced side effects from which you may be suffering.   It also works well with other natural practices such as reflexology, acupuncture or osteopathy.

Treatment plans are always individual as you will experience your condition differently to others.  If you have been suffering for many years then your progress back to health may be a gradual process as your body works on each stage of your illness.

Please book a free 15 minute consultation to find out if you feel you would like to begin the homeopathic process to regain your health.

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